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Shelby Todd decided that she would travel, surf, live and work out of a brand new Ford Transit in spring of 2020. She hired me to not only design, but build out the project. Being as that I was furloughed and looking for a new challenge to keep me busy, I proudly and eagerly proceeded with confidence to help her create the best home I could. Had I completed a project of this size before? No. Was I a skilled woodworker? Double No. Had I used power tools before? Absolutely not. However, we completed it on time, within 5 weeks, working 8 hours, sometimes 16 hour days, teaching ourselves the various van-build techniques and exploring custom options for her along the way. Youtube was the main educational force behind comprehending the many different van-build components and power tool usage, from installing a sub-floor, to wiring a rocker switch, mudding a backsplash, and framing cabinetry. In addition to designing and building the van, I took on complete project management, from researching materials, hiring an electrician, budgeting costs and keeping track of our super-unrealistic timeline. 

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